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Women’s Dupattas – Buy Online at Best Price in Pakistan

Fashion is creating a garment in such way that it looks different and develop a style. Fashion trends are developed by sensing  other culture, or more thought after you have formed a individual style. If we are talking about style how can we neglect ‘Dupatta’.s

A dupatta is a simple, long and elegant piece of cloth which is traditionally worn across both shoulder and around head to cover bosom and other parts of body when going outside or when doing prayer. It is also useful for keeping her safe as it protect herself from rain, dust and heat. We also can say it’s a wear of modesty.  However, with changing fashion trends dupatta sometime is thrown back at shoulders like a garland.  It is also worn primarily with a salwar kameez suit or with a kurti.

In present-day fashion, dupatta is rarely draped over one shoulder and even over just the arms. Another modern trend is the short dupatta, which is more a scarf or a stole, often worn with kurtas. Basically, the dupatta is rarely treated as an accessory in present-day urban fashion. However, the material for the dupatta deviate according to the suit. In this style-driven world so much thought has to be given into creating these dupattas.

Women looked so sensible, beautiful, decent and nice by taking dupattas on suits. Dupatta is usually worn by women in many regional styles across the Southern Asia. Primitively, wearing dupatta was a symbol of modesty. While that pattern still go on, many today wear it as just an accessory in contemporary ensembles. It is an interesting and versatile piece of clothing which can be worn with many unconventional styles, along with number of different garments.

Dupatta has unique ways of presenting for each like embellishments, embroideries, fabrics and waves. The most common fabrics for dupattas are Cotton, Silk, Chiffon and Georgette. It is confusing and intense to talk about the kind of variety, designs, patterns, colours and decorations that the dupatta embodies. The gracious garments soon underwent a lot of contemplation to don different faces.

Since the dupatta is worn generally with shalwar kameez or kurta. Though dupattas are favourite for designers who are working on it as a separate piece of cloth to enhance the look of an outfit. The key element is to integrate the dupatta according to the fabric and the style of the kurta or shalwar kameez. The dupatta now is seen on the runways and racks in different widths and lengths ranging from its original two meters to even four meters.