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Men’s Sweaters & Cardigans – Buy Online at Best Price in Pakistan

Fashion is a general term to be trendy and considering a style to be a groovy man. In this contemporary era guys want great style in a comfort zone by embracing some excellent menswear trends.  If you are in a region where climate is cold and chilly than you need sweaters and cardigans and have to dapper up your closet with layering by adding one or two. As these are cool weather garments that every man need to wear and consider it as stylish piece of apparel.

There are lot of differences between a cardigan and a sweater either in terms of apparel  material used, the style and design, the climatic status where they are used and the comfort in wearing them. All these factors differentiates a cardigan and sweater from each other.

Sweater are simply knitted pullover garment used to worn the upper part of the body, have long arms to cover your arms as well. Typically, for the manufacturing of sweater wool and synthetic fiber are used. Sweater are usually worn over another apparel such as T-shirt, blouse etc… Of-course, sweaters comes in different patterns, shades and designs such as necklines like v- shape, turtle neck, crew neck, and sleeves can be full, short, three-quarter or sleeveless. Sweaters are best suited for extreme outfit because it is to be more thick and warm  as compared cardigans. Sweaters are quilted enough not to be wear with any other winter extra outfits.

Whereas cardigans also are classical and knitted garment and core item for any guy’s wardrobe. If you never worn a cardigan you just cheated yourself in terms of be classy. It may be machine- or hand-knitted. Traditionally, cardigans were made of wool but can now be made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination thereof. Unlike sweater it is not pullover it has button or zip at the front or sometimes hang open by design, however, it is a type of sweater. Cardigans too comes is different shades, patterns and designs such as typically have v-necks. Cardigans are best suited for autumn spring season, therefore, considered to be thinner and lighter than sweaters. Cardigans can be worn as an inner wear with suits, coats and even jackets

Hence both are worn for casual as well as dressy events and great fashion items as well. Therefore, come at we’ve everything to cover, from different types of cardigans and sweaters, to how to achieve that perfect layered look.