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Refund policy

If my refund gets authorized, how and when will I get compensated? 

Refund procedure initiates after we have accomplished Quality Check on your reverted product. The quality check method may gross 1 to 2 days from the date we take the reverted item. We will inform you of the result as soon as the quality check is complete.

As a refund, you can either claim a store credit Refund Receipt of the amount you had paid for your returned item or you could ask for a whole cash refund. In case of a store credit receipt, you can use the store credit receipt for a new buying on the website subtracting that amount from the new total. In case of a cash refund, the refund based on the amount will either be refunded via an online bank transfer into your bank account, or via a cheque mailed to your address.

In case of credit card sums, refund can either be claimed as a store credit Refund Receipt, a cash refund or via transaction reversal.

Reimbursed time frame post quality check:

Refund Type

Time Frame

Refund Receipt

24 hours

Bank Transfer

24 – 48 hours

Cheque Refund

24 – 72 hours

What is a Refund Receipt?

A Refund Receipt is a homecoming tool of equal worth to the value paid for the item that you have reverted.

You can use a Refund Receipt at checkout to discount the amount of the receipt from your next purchase. This Refund Receipt can be used on multiple purchases (if the purchase value is less than the amount of the refund receipt) until your refund receipt balance amount is Rs. 0.

A refund receipt is valid for 120 days you need to use your receipt during this period, post which the receipt will terminate and cannot be used.

How do I use my Refund Receipt?
If you have been issued a Refund Receipt, you will get a rebate receipt code through email.

Please enter this code in the discount code box and click “Apply Code" during checkout at sum step. A parallel judgment will be applied to your total sum. 

If my returned product is not validated for refund, how do I get informed?
If your return is invalid then we will call you to clarify the problem and send the item(s) back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item. Please make sure you are presented at the corresponded time to accept the item at your access. Failure to delivery will result in us holding your item for a 30 day period which you can collect yourself from our office.

I have bought an item on promotion or with a Discount Code. What amount will you refund me?
For items purchased on sale, if a refund is allowed on the sale item, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid for the item, and not its original value.

For example: If you bought an item on sale for Rs. 500 and its original value was Rs. 1000, we will refund you Rs. 500 only.

Return Policy

Please read through our Return Policy on this page to realize our return techniques and make sure your item is qualified for return.

You will have 7 days after an item is delivered to you to notify us that you want to return the item. This means if your item was delivered e.g. on the 4th of the month, you have till the 11th to initiate a return. If the item you wish to return doesn’t meets the standard what you ordered, your return can be initiated by calling our helpline at (03111-444-936) which is available 24/7

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Check if your product doesn’t meets all requirements.
  • Call the helpline and request a return.

What are the circumstances for repaying an item and what is the procedure?

Your item can be returned if it does not belong to one of the following restricted categories. (These categories are restricted from returns owing to certain business, health or hygiene reasons).

  • Cosmetics
  • Sunglasses
  • Watches
  • Skin-care or hair-care products
  • Innerwear or Swimwear
  • Perfumes and Fragrances
  • Custom or Made to Order products
  • Imported On Order products
  • Certain Sale products

If you bought a General Merchandise or Electronic item (anything other than a Fashion or Beauty product), please refer to the requirements stated in the chart below.                  

What is the reason for return?

      Item is not the one ordered or is not as advertised

What are the conditions for returning the item?   

1.     Seal must be intact as delivered, item in original condition and not used

2.     Item must include all packaging and accessories (including warranty cards, manuals, certificates of authenticity, tags, etc.)


How long after delivery can I submit my claim and what do I do?

1.     Call helpline within 7 days of delivery to initiate return

2.     When calling the helpline, schedule a pick-up or drop-off of mutual convenience

3.     Fill the return form and pack item prepared for pickup or drop-off

All Fashion and Beauty products that are not in one of the above restricted categories, can be returned for any reason, provided they meet the requirements stated in the chart below. 

What is the reason for my complaint?

      You changed your mind or don’t like the item

How long after delivery can I submit my claim and what do I do?

1.     Call the Getfasters helpline within 7 days of delivery to initiate return

2.     When calling the helpline, schedule a pick-up or drop-off of mutual convenience

3.     Fill the return form and pack item prepared for pick-up or drop-off

What do I get and when?

A full refund after receiving the product back in the form of:

1.     Store Credit Receipt:

1 business day post quality check

2.     Bank transfer or cheque:

1-3 business days post quality check

3.     Credit card reversal:
1-3 business days post quality check Item is not the one ordered or is not as advertised Item is defective, counterfeit or damaged at the time of delivery

How to Request a Return?

You can request to initiate a return by calling our helpline at 03111-444-936 or Email us to confirm that your artifact is eligible for return. We will explain to you the return procedure, and either arrange for our courier partners to pick-up the product, or confirm the nearest service provider location where you can drop-off the product. 

Please be able to give the next parts of information: 

  • Your order number.
  • The purpose for the return.
  • The method of refund that you would like and the essential information related (bank account number, etc.)
  • Where and when the product should be picked-up

Note: For pick-ups, we will make 3 attempts to pick-up the product. Please make sure to be presented for a organized pickup to make things cooler for you. (change of mind is not an option for a return).

Can I wish a replacement rather than a refund?
If you desire to replace your product, just let our Customer Service executive know your select and we will call you as soon as your early product has been received, and we have detected into disposal of the replacement product. If you choose a refund receipt, you can use it to buy a similar product or a different product on yourself using the amount originally paid for the returned item. 

If my returned product is not authorized for return, how am I informed?
If your return does not meet the Quality Check conditions, then we will call you to explain the matter and guide the item(s) back to you. 

Note: We will make 3 attempts to return the product to you. Please make sure to be available for a scheduled delivery.

Warranty policy

How do I know if my product has a warranty?
Different products are covered under different warranty policies. To confirm the warranty type of a particular item, please note the next steps

  • On the Product Page, under the product description, you will see facts for warranty.
  • If the product has a warranty writing, this field will identify the duration of the warranty and how the warranty is covered.

How can I claim warranty?

Warranty statements are topic to the warranty attention of the item you have purchased, if the product has a warranty from the brand, a warranty card will be included in the packing. Please follow the following steps to initiate a assurance claim.

  • If your product is non-functional or broken on arrival, you can call the helpline at (03111-444-936) within 7 days of delivery to newcomer and discussion or return of the product.
  • If your product produces a fault post the initial 7 days of delivery but is within warranty timeline, you can call the helpline at (03111-444-936) and provide the following information from your receipt and warranty card to initiate a warranty claim.

o    Order Number

o    Order Date

o    Item Details

o    Warranty Period (on warranty card)

o    Nature of fault

  • To claim warranty directly from the brand, please contact the authorized service center using the details stated on the warranty card provided with the item.

Note: We urge you to save the invoice and warranty card together to comfort warranty claim procedure.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time by either a call (03111-444-936) or email


We have the following payment methods through which you can make a payment:

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Easypaisa Mobile Account/shop
  • Jazz cash
  • Direct Transfer(account to account)

Is it safe to pay with credit / debit card?

Fraud detection and prevention are very important to us. We take all steps to ensure that dealings are genuine and that our customers’ details are completely secure.


Does getfasters deliver all over Pakistan?

YES, getfasters delivers all over Pakistan through its own courier partners.

Note: delivery will be done within 4-5 workings days.