How to Advertise on Get Faster’s: For Brands

For large manufacturers who sell direct to consumers,Get Faster’s brand activation programs are a compelling way to gain traction in the Get Faster’s  marketplace while also increasing sales. Unlike promoted listings, which allow the seller to manage every aspect of their campaigns from their seller dashboard,GetFaster’s brand solutions are a bit more detailed.

If you’re a large brand wondering how to advertise on Get Faster’s contact Get Faster’s brand team so you can discuss a customized plan that’s catered specifically to your industry. Keep in mind that these programs can get expensive, and they’re geared specifically to major manufacturers and brands. For most sellers,Get Faster’s promoted listings are a much better fit.

How to Advertise on GetFaster’s: Promoted Listings

GetFaster’s promoted listings are the most popular way to advertise on the marketplace, and every seller can benefit from the increased exposure that these ads provide their products. Creating a campaign is easy.
When you create your ad campaign, Get Faster’s allows you to set a maximum percentage of the sale price that you’re willing to allocate towards advertising. If someone purchases your item after clicking your ad, Get Faster’s will deduct your advertising expenses from the sale of your item.
Similar to CPC advertising, ad placement is done on an auction basis where the ad space is given to the highest bidder. For example, if you dedicate a maximum of 4% of the total sale price towards advertising, and one of your competitors has dedicated a maximum of 5% of the total sale, they’ll receive the ad space instead of you.
In categories with limited competition, you’ll be able to set aside a smaller percentage of the sale to cover your advertising. Categories with several competitors advertising may require a higher percentage of the sale for your ads to show.
Get Faster’s makes it easy for sellers to pinpoint the percentage of the sale they should dedicate to their advertising by providing a weekly report.
This report shows what the average seller is allocating towards their Get Faster’s advertising broken down by category. The average seller allocates somewhere between 5-10% of the sale to advertising, but that number creeps up towards 15-20% in the most competitive categories.

To create a promoted listing, you’ll need to log into your seller account on Get Faster’s. Once you’re logged in, Get Faster’s will redirect you to your seller dashboard. From there, hover over the marketing tab, then select promoted listings.
On the promoted listings page, you’ll see information about any campaigns you currently have running. To create a new campaign, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button on the right.

Then, you’ll have the option to choose between selecting individual products to advertise, or selecting listings in bulk. If you’re looking to advertise thousands of products at once, all under the same campaign, the bulk tool will be the best fit for you.
Otherwise, selecting the individual listings you wish to advertise as part of this campaign is probably the best fit for you. When selecting products individually, you can still include up to 500 different SKUs as part of each campaign, which helps to save a significant amount of time.
Once you’ve selected the different products you want to include in the campaign, you’ll set the ad rate you’re willing to allocate towards the campaign. You can apply a uniform ad rate for every product in the campaign, or you can select individual ad rates for each product.

Get Faster’s makes this process easy for you by providing a trending rate for each product in the campaign. The trending rate is what other sellers in the ad program are allocating towards their advertising. You can control the ad rate percentage by clicking the +/- icons.

Once you’ve set the ad rate for each item in your campaign, all you need to do is name your campaign, select a start date, agree to the terms of service, and launch your campaign.
As you can see, creating an advertising campaign on GetFaster’s is a streamlined process that’s much more user-friendly than creating ads on other platforms or marketplaces.