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Getfasters is your online shopping marketplace in Pakistan which is becoming a technique to make all your purchasing easily and swiftly. It is a term which is generally used as a medium for shopping whether you are at home or office. As we know online shopping (E-commerce) provides a track between customer and vendor for buying and selling a products, services and information. It plays a significant role in circulation of capital, products, services and as well as information. The companies who adopted e-commerce expertise can enhance their profits as compare to traditional businesses. Because it reduce their cost of production and improve their efficiency.

In fact, online shopping is paperless exchange of information between customers and vendor of cities and country through using a wide range of technologies like Electronic Data Interchange, E-mail, WWW etc. So it can deal with buying and selling of product, services and information over the internet.

Although e-commerce enables the customer and business to buy and sell products directly without involvement of an intermediary. When a customer buy products and services through the internet is called online shopping e.g You can easily get information about the promotion like discounts, cash on delivery on online shopping.

This trend of online shopping has recently been increased in the Asian countries like Pakistan where IT industries are involved and helping in making online shopping to flourish. In Pakistan , the social media do not have and effective role in influencing customers for online shopping a reason proposed by Nielson(2010). As online franchise and store become more sophisticated, online shopping continues to mark its existence in the market (Lain & Lin, 2008).

Online shopping in Pakistan refers to trends of being able of buying anything you need while sitting at home or office. It facilitate not only as a platform for many companies but also for customers as a source of information for making purchase decisions. The rapid growth of e-commerce has prompted researches to examine which factors motivate consumers to accept online shopping (Clemes, Gan, & Zhang, 2014). There are also many variables which effect the decision making of purchasing in Pakistan like convenience, variety, information availability, price, online (payment, delivery, privacy) risk etc..

As well as for business entrepreneurs to makes decisions who to cater the concerns of e-commerce for profit making like how to develop better business strategies, new business plans, effect policies, achieve efficient sales growth, invest online business models and how to manage both positive and negative aspects of businesses.

The customers are always looking for new products, attractive offers and most important price assessment with their budget. As the internet is the best way to save time and money through online purchasing within their budget limit. The online shopping sector in Pakistan primarily focused on consumer based products. Business entrepreneurs enjoys heavy traffic of Pakistan holidays like on Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Black Friday, New Year and different other occasions. As like different business ideas online shopping is also getting famous all over Pakistan. Pakistan is e-commerce country where industry must be established in order to deliver rules in such a way that local business community can enhance their profits by satisfying a customer by fulfilling their requirements.

However some problems are causing barrier in its progress like fraud, late delivery, bulk shipment charges etc. The government should make such rules and regulations and strictly implemented for the positive attitude toward the scope of e-commerce in the country to improve e-commerce business tendency in Pakistan. Therefore, we can say that e-commerce is a broader zone for online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery.